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Dentistry is an amazing science that has many fields and specializations.

In the clinic, the subject that interests us the most is the tooth pulp, the intra-dental treatment, and we are constantly evolving in the ways of treating the diseases of both the tooth pulp and their supporting tissues.

  • Diseases of the pulp
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Endoperiodontal lesions

Treatment of diseases concerning the teeth and the supporting tissues that surround them.

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Diseases of the pulp

Regenerative Techniques

Knowledge and awareness of the importance and value of maintaining the vitality of the tooth leads us, TODAY, to a more conservative-regenerative treatment of pulp diseases. Thus, in cases of severe caries or tooth injury, we purposefully do not immediately resort to endodontic treatment (denervation), but apply more conservative treatments (direct-indirect pulp coverage, partial-total pulpotomy), with the aim of keeping the tooth alive.< /p>

The use of the newest bioceramic materials (MTA, BIODENTINE) is the treatment of choice in these more conservative approaches.

FA Dental Clinic

Endodontics Treatment

FA Dental Clinic

Repeat endodontic treatment

The repetition of a failed endodontic treatment is considered as the most complicated procedure, which involves several risks for the future functionality of the tooth. The decision to repeat is a collective one, between the dentist and the patient, after taking into account a number of factors, the main ones being the diagnosis of the cause of the failure of the previous treatment and the benefit of the repetition.

The repetition of an endodontic treatment does not mean saving the tooth, after all. The capacity of pathogenic anaerobic microbes that have developed in the root canal system with the consequent destruction of the periapical tissues makes it, many times, impossible to preserve the tooth, even with the combination of microsurgical endodontics.